facial veins

What are facial veins?

Facial veins, also known as Telangiectasia, are very small, broken blood vessels on the face area that are visible and often cause discomfort. These enlarged vessels tend to look like thin, blue, red,or purple webs that gradually become more visible. Facial veins are another cosmetic problem that occurs mostly in women. The causes usually include genes, sun exposure, pregnancy, injuries, excessive alcohol usage, environmental factors and so on. These facial veins can be developed at any age, causing people to feel insecure. Thanks to technologically advanced procedures such as Microsclerotherapy, Sclerotherapy, or laser treatment, people can get rid of these unpleasant web-looking lines. 

Signs of Facial veins

Facial veins appear as small red, blue, or purple lines when they become damaged. 

Treatment options
QuadroStar PRO Yellow 

Quadrostar Pro Yellow Laser is created to treat the pigmented lesions and superficial vessels, which are a source of insecurities for most people. This is a laser therapy that emits a 577 nm wavelength that eliminates the dark pigmented spots on the skin and treats and shrinks the enlarged blood vessels.


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